The Tuscan typical cuisine is an ancient and wise kitchen, made of tasty ingredients and never excessively elaborate; the dominant character of our kitchen is certainly the simplicity. Simplicity however more apparent that real, in how much every dish is made of well balanced doses, ever inspired by the hurry, but from a patient attention to the choice and the to amalgamate some ingredients.

The excellence of the Tuscan cuisine is recognized everywhere, so much that is enumerated among the first ones some world in many cases. To the Restaurant The Convio we seek simplicity l and the purity to be able to taste great wines, the sublime production of oil extravergine, the delicious meats, cheeses, bag him good pretexts to taste to the best tastes ever forgotten in the time. To the Restaurant The Convio you can taste endless gastronomic identities to sip a wine glass of famous local wines.
In the period of production of the hypocrites our chef ever takes care of a lot the preparation of too elaborate simple dishes with the intent to exalt the tastes and the traditional kitchen offered from our zone.
The service, taken care of in the least details, it has the purpose make you to feel you in a calm environment and at the same family time. The restaurant takes care of a lot the tasting of our dishes combined to the good wines, selected and present in our wine cellar, to put more and more in evidence the taste and the taste offered by our specialties.